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    For over 25 years, dma has trained thousands of physiotherapists worldwide


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welcome to DMA clinical pilates & physiotherapy

DMA clinical pilates™ is used in leading clinics, hospitals and National Institutes of Sport throughout Australia, Asia and the UK. Craig Phillips (founder of dma clinical pilates TM, 1987) used his knowledge and combined it with his findings as a qualified physiotherapist, after studying and working extensively in the USA with many of the pilates masters and their contemporaries.  Clinical pilates separates problems from symptoms using a unique clinical prediction tool. It’s now proven that subgrouping patients provides better exercise outcome prediction than homogenous “core stability” programs. This makes dma clinical pilates™ unique. The programme is adaptable which means it is ideal for a number of uses including:

  • rehabilitation
  • a preventative measure to avoid further injury
  • pain management
  • general health and well-being
  • suitability for surgery

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For over 25 years DMA has trained thousands of physiotherapists worldwide. By completing certification, you will become a dma trained clinician supported by DMA’s international community keeping you at the cutting edge of knowledge and clinical practise.

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All DMA clinical pilates™ courses include an eLearning component in addition to the clinical component. Making it more flexible, convenient and time efficient to complete your course within your time frame.