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Have you been struggling with a painful injury or problem and been told that you need surgery? The latest evidence shows that many surgeries can be safely avoided.

  • Have you explored all the options? (read more)
  • Results from X-rays, CT scans and MRIs can be misleading (read more)
  • The latest research is showing that exercise-based “pre hab”  with a Physiotherapist can determine whether a specific exercise program can actually have a better outcome. (read more)

Is Surgery the Answer?

Health Reform and Physiotherapy

Ongoing modernisation of our health care system means will stronger primary care programs. Exercise-based Physiotherapy will play a key role in selecting the most appropriate patients for surgery (read more)

DMA Clinical Pilates & Physiotherapy and affiliated Clinical Pilates Network (CPN) Physiotherapists are leaders in Clinical Pilates Rehab and Prehab treatment programs. (Clinical Pilates Network)

Article compiled by Physiotherapists Treena Lord, Andrew Brand, John Buchanan, Maya Panisset, Eric Coleman, Ilana Raitman and Craig Phillips from DMA Clinical Pilates and Physiotherapy, 1 Yarra Street, South Yarra 3141, ph 98274511.