Chronic and Complex Pain conditions

Chronic pain can be an extremely debilitating and complex condition to deal with. In medical terms, the phrase “Chronic Pain” really refers to pain that has persisted beyond the usual healing time of an injury. It describes the length of time that the pain has been present, but not the severity of the pain, nor the extent to which a person’s day to day activities are affected. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and Neuropathic Pain are examples of different types of chronic pain.

If you ask someone with chronic pain how it affects them, they will often describe a variety of symptoms, ranging from mild to severe, constant or intermittent, deep aching or sharp and piercing pain. There may be pins and needles, or sensations of coldness or warmth to the affected area. The symptoms may seem to have no pattern and it can be difficult to pin point the triggers. Chronic pain can lead to various degrees of disability if not managed well.

The reasons why some people develop chronic pain are not well understood as causes are varied, but the problem involves disturbances in the signaling of the nervous system.

Experts agree that management of virtually any condition now includes a focus on physical care alongside medical care. Exercise is a mainstay in all conditions, and the more specific that exercise the better the outcome. DMA Clinical Pilates Physiotherapists are experts in analyzing chronic and complex pain and developing specific programs for Chronic Pain Management and for your long term health.