Welcome to DMA Clinical Pilates Courses

DMA pioneered the link between spinal stability research and the work of Joseph Pilates and his contemporaries. For over 28 years we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest level of evidence based Pilates training for Physiotherapists. Recent research published on Clinical Pilates involving meta analysis, randomized controlled trials and pilot studies, now shows its efficacy as a valid assessment and treatment tool for subgrouping patient’s presentation, with a validated and reliable prediction model. Clinical Pilates is not an homogenous exercise protocol approach, it’s a cutting edge pathology treatment tool.

Motor control deficits are emerging as a significant underlying cause of most chronic and complex conditions. Solving the problems behind the symptoms is the DMA Clinical Pilates difference. DMA Trained Clinicians can reliably match treatments to patients based on a research model with strong outcome predictors.

DMA Clinical Pilates training comprises of two education units over a minimum of 12 months with eLearning, practical workshops, patient case studies and certification examination.

DMA Clinical Pilates training provides you with a connection to a global community of over 8000 trained clinicians and support with continuing development from leading DMA local and international presenters, researchers and online resources.