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DMA Clinical Pilates course is the global benchmark of evidence-based Clinical Pilates training for Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors. 


35 years ago, DMA pioneered the links between spinal stability, motor control research with the work of Joseph Pilates. 

Clinical Pilates moves beyond homogenous exercise protocols with a cutting edge pathology treatment approach.

DMA’s Clinical Pilates model is unique, Solving the problems behind the symptoms . Clinicians learn how to develop a focused clinical pathway, matching exercise treatment to patients within a reliable outcome prediction model. Peer reviewed research has led to an industry driven track record as an advanced treatment tool.

With the latest research focusing on moving beyond Structure Based Classification & Treatment (SBCT) and the Clinical Pilates Movement Based Classification & Treatment (MBCT) approach breaks new ground.   

Accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Association ensures a concise training package that builds on post graduate knowledge. Stripping out the unnecessary allows two education units and a certification examination, backed with eLearning, practical workshops, patient case studies and support.

DMA Clinical Pilates training connects you to a global network of over 18,000 trained clinicians and support with continued development from leading local and international presenters, researchers and online resources.

No other Pilates course has its sights set on the future of health reform and the pivotal role physiotherapists will play in the evolving healthcare landscape.

Become an expert, and set yourself apart with DMA Clinical Pilates MBCT’s advanced problem solving and clinical reasoning.


Physiotherapist and former professional dancer with the Australian Ballet, Craig Phillips, pioneered the Clinical Pilates process over 30 years ago by linking the emerging  spinal stability research to the work of Joseph Pilates and his contemporaries.

With exercise growing as the co-treatment of choice with the majority of medical conditions, Clinical Pilates has evolved as a “Movement Based Classification & Treatment” (MBCT) approach aimed at managing the more costly chronic and recurrent injury problems. With research evidence moving away from “Structure Based Classification” and dwindling support for “structural” tests (such as shoulder impingement’s, knee and hip structure tests, and spinal tests) the MBCT process allows a clinical pathway  to include / exclude differential diagnoses and compare clinical findings against radiological findings.

The current focus on reducing surgical interventions and hospitalisation can also be addressed as recent research published on Clinical Pilates involving randomized controlled trials, (Wajswelner 2012)  inter-rater reliability (Yu K 2015) and pilot studies, (Lewis A 2010) now shows its efficacy as a valid assessment and treatment tool. Patients can be subgrouped on functional measures via a validated and reliable prediction model (Tulloch 2012).

This is not an homogeneous exercise protocol approach, it’s a cutting edge pathology treatment tool.

Clinical Pilates is unique, being the only Pilates approach use heuristics to “distill” the exercise repertoire into a clinical package related to the translational evidence model. This focuses the broad pathology knowledge base of physiotherapists, where the links to other treatment philosophies taught at the post graduate level can be demonstrated.

DMA Clinical Pilates Certification Series course (Unit A and Unit B and Unit C) consists of an online eLearning component, 2 x three day practical components, followed by the Certification exam. 

By partaking in the DMA Clinical Pilates courses and certification, I have been well supported, primed with knowledge and provided the clinical skills to offer each of my clients the best evidence based treatment program to assist in their recovery.  I love that Clinical Pilates treatment enables any person of any physical and emotional level to partake in a specifically tailored program to work towards what is important to them. Clinical Pilates has formed a significant role in my assessment and treatment of clients and has enhanced my skills as a practitioner. Thank you DMA for such a professional, valuable and engaging pathway.

Sophie Halsall-McLennan

Physiotherapist B(Physio), APAM, Fresh Start Physio

As a musculoskeletal physiotherapist passionate in the area of treating dance and performance sports, I strongly recommend DMA courses and certification to others who are wanting an active, evidence-based treatment style that is specific to the individual.  

DMA is systematic and holistic, allowing me to treat the whole system rather than one area. It is a working collaboration between the physiotherapist and patient, permitting all persons at any physical level the opportunity to be assessed and treated using a personalised program. Thus, it aims to address patient goals, acute and chronic disorders, neurological conditions and effectively can be used as maintenance / prevention programs for long term management. It’s also exciting to witness functional changes within treatment time.   

Craig is extremely knowledgeable, inspiring and very entertaining. The whole team have shown immense support and have been very efficient and friendly to communicate with. Thank you DMA for broadening my clinical knowledge with such professionalism.  

Cecilia Mizzi

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist B(Phty),B (ExSSX) , Raw Element Physiotherapy

As a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, pilates instructor and principle of a physiotherapy clinic  I highly recommend Craig Phillips DMA certification to anyone who is looking for evidence based treatment of chronic musculoskeletal as well as neuro conditions.

This course definitely changed the way I treat and prepare exercise programs for my clients and after 3 months I already see such good outcome, it’s exciting!

Starting from well- structured e-learning all the way to “face to face” lectures (high practical component) all the way to “after care”, all course participants are made comfortable and encouraged to stand proud in our profession, using exercise based treatment specifically and efficiently and thereby reducing unnecessary surgeries. A worthwhile goal. 

Craig is amazingly knowledgeable yet highly entertaining to listen to, makes sure everyone leaves with good foundation in the method.

Vimal and Adam were easy to talk to and great assistance with all administrative issues, efficient and professional, thanks guys!

DMA Pilates using Craigs’ 30 years of clinical pilates experience- is an essential part to any physiotherapist wishing to treat chronic dysfunction with better long term outcome while teaching clients to manage their health. 

Barbara Wood

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Provider No. 2670056X Diploma Pilates Instructor Co-Director, Pilates Power & Physiotherapy Cronulla

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