Clinical Pilates Treatment

Pilates, over the last 2-3 decades, has become increasingly popular for general exercise and fitness. Clinical Pilates at DMA though, is so much more than simply Pilates exercises in a clinical setting.

At DMA, our Physiotherapists apply the Clinical Pilates methodology, created by DMA founder and Director Craig Phillips, first to assess, and then to treat your problem. The result is an individualized exercise based treatment program, specific to your needs.

The Clinical Pilates assessment process involves identifying the directions of movement that aggravate and alleviate your problem, and looking at how smoothly (or not!) your body moves. The treatment process then involves getting you to work through specific exercises to facilitate better movement quality, and treat your problem. Your DMA Physiotherapist will continue to assess and reassess your response to the treatment exercises to make sure you are progressing in the right direction.

Clinical Pilates treatment programs at DMA incorporate exercises in our clinic and at home. In the clinic we use specialized spring loaded equipment such as the Reformer and the Trap Table. At first this is done “one on one”, but as you progress, you may transition to one of our small group classes, which are closely supervised by our highly trained Physiotherapists and Pilates Instructors. At home, all you will need is some floor space to do your exercises, maybe some elastic resistance tubing which we can supply for you, and of course a dose of self-discipline!

Come and try, and you will find that Clinical Pilates treatment at DMA is truly therapeutic exercise at its best!