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DMA – The Pioneers of Clinical Pilates™

DMA is recognized globally as the hub clinic for a large network of highly trained physiotherapists specializing in Clinical Pilates. What makes DMA different, is the ability to individualize treatment programs specific to each patient’s needs. We are the experts in problem solving of chronic complex conditions.

DMA treats you as an individual

Clients receive the most relevant treatment advice, backed by the latest research evidence. We aim to deliver the best possible outcomes with long term solutions for every client. 

We accept clients under NDIS, TAC, Workcover, DVA, and Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) referrals. If you are a private paying client with private health insurance, bring along your card and we will process your rebate on the spot. 

We Specialize in Surgical Suitability &


DMA’s Clinical Pilates Network can link you to a large network of clinicians trained to determine if surgery is your best option.  Read More.

DMA Clinical Pilates


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