Dance injuries and pre- pointe screening

Of the many sporting and recreational pursuits we enjoy, Dance is possibly one of the most demanding activities to undertake. Dance requires athleticism, strength, flexibility, artistry, theatrics… to name a few.

Our director Craig Phillips is an ex-dancer with the Australian Ballet Company, so at DMA we understand the demands unique to dance. We have supported many professional theatre and dance productions and are well equipped to assess and manage dance related injuries and issues through careful physiotherapy and clinical pilates approaches.

Pre- pointe screening is a specific service we offer that assesses a young dancer’s readiness to progress to this more advanced level of ballet training. The process involves a thorough assessment of the dancers posture, flexibility, strength and control, and advice as to what area’s to work on to prepare the dancer for safe transition to pointe work. At DMA we understand that parents, students and their teachers may have queries and concerns regarding pointe readiness, so we are always available to answer questions, and we always liaise with the dance school and teacher with regard to each student we work with.