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2020 is shaping up as a watershed year for Healthcare in Australia. With the well reported demise of the private health insurance system and the increased costs of using that system we have rapidly increased the load on our public system.

St Vincents Hospital CEO Toby Hall has recently stated that we have too many hospitals, the focus must move to the primary system. Physiotherapy will be crucial in that primary system over the next decade.

The challenge for the Physiotherapy profession now is to demonstrate its ability to :-

  • Keep people out of hospital = hospital substitution
  • Sharpen their focus on the high cost, chronic complex patient
  • Collect and log surgery avoidance cases
  • Improve recognition and remuneration for Physiotherapists
  • Proactively demonstrate translation of the evidence
  • Demonstrate the cost benefit of Physiotherapy

Many surgeries are avoidable – but the ageing population and the heavy skew towards funding surgery is seeing joint replacements and many unnecessary surgeries increasing at an unprecedented rate.

The Health Reform bill on April 1 2019 stopped funding for physiotherapy led “Pilates” exercise programs, classifying it a “natural therapy”. It was quickly realised that this was based on poor information and the NTREAP review was announced just 6 days later. Unfortunately, there is no Physiotherapy representation for Clinical Pilates / exercise modalities on this panel.

The DMA Healthcare 2020 initiative is to both drive recognition & demonstrate the value of the large network of Clinical Pilates MBCT trained Physiotherapists.

  • Clinical Pilates has received a lot of publicity
  • We can turn this to an absolute positive with a large network of Physiotherapists capable of tackling and solving many of the current cost issues with excessive hospitalisation
  • We have a large network of invested, trained Physiotherapists and infrastructure in place
  • Over the last decade we have invested heavily in negotiations with the private health insurance, business cases drawn up and developing the CP mate software to tie this process together
  • We are now at the point where we can mobilise all of these components with initial network of 100 clinics to make the next step work


Further updates to come on this shortly…