Who is eligible to undertake dma clinical pilates™ education courses?

You must have provider status as qualified physiotherapist, osteopath, sports medicine doctor, or chiropractor

Am I required to have previous Pilates training in order to complete dma clinical pilates™ education

No, you do not need to have any previous experience with the Pilates method

I have previous Pilates training with a different provider. am I able to skip the first module or unit and begin at the next level?

No. dma clinical pilates™ training is very different to traditional Pilates training with the focus on clinically based problem solving. All practitioners are required to complete our courses sequentially from unit A to unit B.

Are dma clinical pilates™ education courses for physiotherapists accredited?

DMA Clinical Pilates™ Education Courses are accredited by the New Zealand College of Physiotherapy (NZCP) and were the first such course to be accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

What is the difference between dma clinical pilates™ courses and pilates courses run by other providers?

dma clinical pilates ™ is a treatment based approach based on classifying patient presentations into subgroups based on functional status. This allows a patient / problem specific exercise program to be set and functional outcome predictors to be measured. As the creators of clinical pilates™, we have had over 28 years experience, backed by continuous clinical research.

How do I get full Certification?

Complete Units A and B and pass the full Certification Exam.

The Certification Exam can be purchased on our website for $300, accessible by those who have completed both Units A & B post 2008.  You must have completed Unit B, a minimum of 6 months prior to sitting certification and have a minimum of 5 years experience as a qualified physiotherapist.

What are the benefits of Certification?

  • recognition as a Certified DMA Clinical Pilates™ clinician
  • Certified clinicians are priority placed on www.clinicalpilates.com in the exclusive find-a-physio worldwide directory
  • access to and authorisation to use ‘DMA Certified’ support marketing material
  • access to the DMA global community of over 8,000 dma trained clinicians
  • Opportunity to increase client referrals
  • e-health/Skype consults and support
  • CPD channel – access the latest research and literature
  • business development support
  • business networking clinic
  • improved employment prospects
  • meet the growing demand for DMA Clinical Pilates™ trained clinicians
  • access the DMA Clinical Pilates™ advocacy process.

What if I undertook clinical pilates training before 2010 and wish to continue. Can I move straight to the next level?

With the ongoing advances in the science we recommend a revision of the coursework for equivalent levels done. Levels 1 & 2 should upgrade to Unit A and those who have completed Levels 3 & 4  should upgrade to Unit B. Discounts may apply depending on registrations available.

Can I access the new eLearning site having done a course years ago?

You must have done a unit equivalent to be eligible (Level 1 & 2 = Unit A, Level 3 & 4 = Unit B). Please email courses@clinicalpilates.com for relevant fees.

NB: If more than 4 years since your last course we would recommend you enroll in an update course due to the considerable advances over the last decade.

What do I need to bring and wear to the course?

Manuals and morning tea will be provided. A floor mat is advisable if you have one, and a water bottle.  Wear comfortable clothing – leisure wear/tracksuit.

What if I am injured / pregnant / unable to do the exercises?

As the exercises can be provocative, we do not insist on self-mastery or that all participants do all exercises.  The focus is on clinical application and patient-specific selection to develop individualized clinical pathways.

What do I need to do if I need to postpone or cancel my course?

If you need to cancel, or postpone your attendance and transfer to another course, you must notify courses@clinicalpilates.com at least twenty (20) working days prior to the commencement of the course.  A $50 cancellation/transfer fee will be charged and invoiced to you.

If you need to cancel your course registration within twenty (20) working days, you must notify courses@clinicalpilates.com and you will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the course fee. The full fee will be charged if cancellation is received less than 5 working days prior to the course commencement.