Ergonomic Advice

Ergonomics is the process of designing working environments so that they fit the people who use them. Many of our aches and pains can be related to the way we hold ourselves in particular postures and the way we use our bodies to move when at home, in the car or at work. Advice in this area can go a long way to solving some of the chronic posture related problems that plague us.

When you come to DMA, part of our assessment process will include asking you about the sorts of things you do in your day to day activities, like work, sport, home life and so on. This will help us understand your ergonomic profile so we can identify where there may be room for improvement and advise you accordingly.

Sometimes desks or seating are the issue, so we can suggest ways to modify your current setup using supports or adjustments. We can also suggest suppliers for you to contact if new furniture is required. Similarly we can advise on how to adjust things in the car or at home so that the ergonomic set up is just right for you. If the problem is more related to sporting or recreational activities we may look at your equipment or technique and advise on how you can make changes to help fix your problem.

By looking at the whole person, and all the things they need to do, we are better able to get the desired outcome of getting you back to enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.