Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological disorders

Neurological Physiotherapy is a special area of Physiotherapy that involves the treatment of people with movement disorders as a result of injuries and diseases of the brain, spinal cord and the broader neuromuscular system. These can include stroke, spinal cord and traumatic brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Problems associated with these conditions often include balance and co-ordination issues that can be improved with specific exercise programs, such as Clinical Pilates. Our DMA Physiotherapists will be able to design an exercise program for you to address these problems, as well as looking at other co-existing musculoskeletal problems like pain and stiffness in other parts of your body.

If specialist Neurological Physiotherapy treatment beyond our area of expertise is required, we will be able to refer you on to an experienced Neurological Physiotherapist to treat your problem.