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Our Story

DMA was founded in the late 1980’s by Craig Phillips, who, after a successful 10 year career as a professional dancer with the Australian Ballet, retrained as a Physiotherapist. Craig was awarded a dancer retraining grant from the Australia Council, followed by a prestigious Special Projects grant to investigate the newly emerging links between Sports Medicine and Performing Arts Medicine.  The original clinic was known as Dance Medicine Australia and located within one of Melbourne’s major Sports Medicine Centres in Prahran.

In the early 1990’s DMA Clinical Pilates and Physiotherapy (as it is now known) evolved, as the focus on innovation in Sport and Performing Arts Medicine grew. This saw DMA grow beyond into a specialist clinic dealing with chronic problems, sports and dance injuries, neurological conditions, and other problematic musculoskeletal issues. Our focus on Clinical Pilates as a Physiotherapy treatment tool filled a much needed gap between the treatment and exercise market and has now been adopted by 1000’s of Physiotherapists worldwide.

Since then DMA has gone on to become world leaders in Clinical Pilates Physiotherapy Treatment, Training Courses and Equipment.

At DMA Clinical Pilates and Physiotherapy, all clients receive only the very best in physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates treatment, along with additional services. Offering the most relevant advice and treatment, informed by the latest research, evidence and methods, our clinicians strive to deliver the best possible treatment outcomes and effective long term solutions for every individual.

We invite you to explore our website, or contact us to see how we can help you.