Pre and Post Natal health

Pregnancy and motherhood are both very exciting times in a woman’s life. Unfortunately they come with their own unique set of musculoskeletal aches and pains! Back pain is a common issue which is readily addressed with careful physiotherapy treatment and exercise advice.

Once baby comes along there are the postural demands of lifting, carrying, feeding, changing, car travel, etc. to contend with. Your DMA Physio will be able to give you advice as to how you can best tackle these demands safely.

Many women enjoy being able to continue exercising throughout their pregnancy, and this is encouraged by obstetricians and women’s health experts alike. Clinical Pilates is a fantastic way to keep your exercise routine going as your pregnancy advances. It is gentle, low impact and enjoyable, and the intensity can be adjusted as your changing body needs demand. If you are not used to exercising before becoming pregnant, then Clinical Pilates is a great way to start getting in shape for the same reasons. In each case, you will be carefully assessed and a program designed especially for you. The muscles used in Clinical Pilates incorporate pelvic floor and core, both of which are extremely important during pregnancy and afterwards.

Whether you are working with your DMA Physiotherapist one-on-one, or in one of our small group classes, you can be confident that you will be carefully supervised while exercising to make sure that you are doing so safely with good technique. And, as your body changes with your advancing pregnancy and after delivery, your program will be modified accordingly to ensure that you continue to benefit from your Clinical Pilates exercise program.