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Training updates & RPL 

Training Updates

Since pioneering the link between physiotherapy & pilates over 30 years ago, DMA trained physiotherapists  continue to ensure they stay at the cutting edge. If its been more than 10 years since your last course we have  ‘update rates’ to help you keep abreast of the new work & changes.

MBCT has refined Clinical Pilates as a “treatment’ approach with a clinical decision making & patient subgrouping model that differentiates from standard Pilates exercise.  We at DMA continue to drive exercise based treatment and  keep Pilates as a priority topic through  contact with the APA, the Dept of Health & the insurers. The current  challenges facing  the healthcare system, especially the demise of  private health insurance,  leaves a massive opportunity for physios. The  NTREAP  review of  the 2019 Health Reform decision of April 1 2019 will now include both  published & unpublished evidence supporting Clinical Pilates as a treatment tool. 


The MBCT “Treatment Model” has greater cost benefit than a “Rehab model” and we are collecting patient data on those  converted from  a “ flagged” surgery to conservative management across the Clinical Pilates network  per annum.

Recognised Prior Learning

Recognition of prior learning is an assessment of previous Pilates training  through other organisations and its currency with reference to the ever changing research evidence into  Clinical Pilates and Patient Treatment Pathway model. We assess your  prior learning to determine the most relevant knowledge to update within a streamlined process.

 If you are keen to upskill , enhance your training & be better prepared for the challenges ahead,  Please contact the Education Manager on :