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why refer to joint smart?

In Australia, elective surgeries are at an all time high due to COVID-19 with hundreds of thousands of procedures each year. The majority of cases are orthopaedic procedures such as joint surgeries and many of these patients can do better through conservative management and without surgery. 

By referring patients to JOINT SMART, people who do not require surgery will be provided with treatment through a well structured program by specifically trained physiotherapists with the additional benefit of reduced costs, complications, and burden on Australia’s health system. Patients on surgical waiting lists also benefit by receiving conservative treatment preoperatively to improve surgical outcomes.

Link to JOINT SMART Research and Evidence 

    entering patient details for joint smart

    surgery or conservative management?

    Deciding whether a patient may benefit more from surgery or physiotherapy can be difficult with every case being different and countless of factors that need to be considered. It is important for patients to understand whether surgery is necessary for them and what the process of recovery will be like for them such as its duration and side effects.

    Below are some decision aids for patients that are available online:

    Relevant Studies:

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