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Your spine is made up of a number of different structures.

There are the:

  • Bones (vertebrae)
  • Intevertebral Discs (which act as shock absorbers in between the vertebrae)
  • Facet joints (where each vertebrae connects with its neighbour, and they run in pairs down the sides of the spine)
  • Spinal cord and exiting nerves
  • Ligaments
  • Muscles
  • Blood vessels
  • Other connective tissues

Spinal Discs Connect and Protect VertebraeInsight into the Spinal Cord

Any of these structures can be injured or damaged, which may cause pain. However, the presence of pain does not always indicate damage or injury.

Findings of damage to structures on scans or x-rays does not always correlate with pain presentation.

Discs may be described as slipped, bulging, prolapsed or degenerative. Facet Joints may be described as strained or inflamed. Sciatica typically describes pain that is felt down the back of the leg, thought to be referred from nerves exiting the spine. These words are simply describing an observation of the structure. What is important is how your spine is functioning, and how well it moves when doing the things you want to do.

Your Physiotherapist at DMA will be able to explain to you what these descriptive terms mean, and how they relate to your problem. More importantly, they will educate you as to how you can manage your problem, and work with you to build an individually designed Clinical Pilates treatment program to help you achieve your physical goals

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