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Clinical Pilates is a patient specific modification of Pilates, adapted for therapeutic use by physiotherapists. DMA created Clinical Pilates to expand upon Joseph Pilates’ original method into a treatment program that prescribes specific exercises that match an individuals’ preferred directional preference. This has been validated by numerous research papers.

Clinical Pilates involves specialised Pilates equipment to support and guide movement during exercises. Our physiotherapists will begin with a one-to-one initial assessment to help develop a treatment plan and carefully selected exercises for your injury/condition. The physiotherapist will then teach and guide you through the specific exercises chosen for your custom program, which will be changed and modified as you progress. This can be continued with group sessions of up to 4 people or one-to-one appointments.


Unlike regular Pilates, Clinical Pilates is physiotherapy treatment and considers the patient’s specific needs for their body, injury, and condition. Each program will be unique to the individual as the exercises will be specifically picked depending on the injury. While regular Pilates is beneficial for improving the overall physical health of someone and it shouldn’t be used for treating specific problems.

Clinical Pilates can be used to treat people of all ages from young children to the elderly. This also includes treatment for those who experience pre & post pregnancy.

Among the benefits of clinical pilates is the improved function, balance, muscle efficiency, motor control, movement of the body, and more. Clinical Pilates has been found to be beneficial to many who struggle with chronic pain, especially of the back, hip, and knees.

Additionally, Clinical Pilates acts as a conservative management alternative to avoid surgeries such as ligament reconstruction and joint replacements. Clinical Pilates is also beneficial pre and post operation.

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