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We are constantly being told to stay active and keep moving but how do we know that what we are doing is appropriate and beneficial?

Clinical Pilates is a system of individually-tailored exercises that provide numerous health benefits that enable your body to work more efficiently to improve its longevity and prevent injuries.

Clinical Pilates exercises require the whole musculoskeletal system to function together, much like it does in everyday life. When driving a car, we don’t need to tell our brains to activate our calf muscles and hamstrings in order to push the pedals, we just think “break” and our cortex sorts out the rest. This is how Clinical Pilates differentiates itself from other forms of exercise. It focuses on whole-body, functional movements and trains our brains to more efficiently perform these exercises. In order to make the movement patterns more anticipatory and sub-conscious, Clinical Pilates also uses a larger number of repetitions compared to traditional physio/gym sets.

Several benefits of Clinical Pilates have been identified in the literature including increase in muscle tone, increased bone density and increased balance. Balance training is great for everyone but particularly as we age, it is critical to maintain the ability to react to postural disturbances, such as an unexpected bump in the pavement or a dog that runs into you in the park. These 2 scenarios could go one of two ways – a fall with a potential broken bone or an insignificant moment that is forgotten about almost immediately, the different ice is our ability to balance. The reformers and trapeze tables we use in Clinical Pilates provide feedback to our bodies which helps to develop our balance. This ensures that we stay fit and healthy for longer.

Injury prevention is another key element of Clinical Pilates. Most of us have muscular imbalances and spend most of our day in a static postural position, either sitting at a desk or standing for long periods. This leaves us prone to developing injuries. Clinical Pilates helps to build our muscular control, particularly in the deep stabilising muscles. These muscles provide support for our bones and joints by reducing compressive loads. This enables our bodies to function more effectively and efficient and significanty reduces the risk of developing injuries.

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