NB: Provider status as qualified physiotherapist, osteopath, sports medicine doctor, or chiropractor is required to undertake Clinical Pilates training.

Unit A – Outline

Module 1

Lumbo pelvic stability / patient subgrouping / functional stability

We begin with the history behind this concept becoming one of todays most discussed approaches to injury management. An in depth review of the ever changing research clarifies differences from traditional approaches.

Matwork & equipment based reformer exercises are linked to facilitation of stability control, creating a concentrated “core” of 30 exercises.

Clinical applications and pathology management module 1 introduces you to:-

  • patient subgrouping
  • functional stability tests
  • setting heterogenous/patient specific programmes
  • identifying & setting treatment outcome predictors
  • differentiating motor control from pathology
  • using exercises as treatment tools
  • using exercises as clinical tests
  • differentiation of radiological findings
  • differential diagnosis tools – is it function or structure?
  • gaining effective patient compliance
  • case studies to identify patient subgroups and clinical pathway development

Module 2

Cervico thoracic stability / chronic pain /pelvic floor

This module introduces the Trapeze Table, while adding to the reformer & matwork repertoire with:

  • an increased repertoire of shoulder girdle, upper body and combined stability exercises
  • a broadening of reformer exercises and matwork
  • attention to manual handling and teaching cues
  • introduction to small barrel & spring wobble board

Clinical applications and pathology management module 2 introduces you to:-

  • hypermobility & instability identification & management
  • biased assessment techniques
  • chronic pain and systemic autonomic management
  • simplifying the complex pain patient
  • integrating evidence on pelvic floor in males & females
  • using outcome measures with Clinical Pilates
  • recording within subject / within session changes
  • programme development using case studies
  • introduction to CPMATE software


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