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Clinical Pilates MBCT is still the go to program for physiotherapists since its introduction in Australia 35 years ago. It’s unique point of difference is combining exercise with treatment specific to each patients’ individual needs. We help you regain your function and make lifelong improvements. We also specialise in working with chronic and complex problems.

Our clinic has moved to:
731 Whitehorse Rd,
Mont Albert, VIC


DMA Clinical Pilates MBCT has established itself as the gold standard for Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths over the last 30 years. Backed by ongoing research, DMA trained clinicians are well prepared to address the changing healthcare landscape.


Clinical Pilates equipment is Australian owned and manufactured for over 30 years.

Built to the highest quality standards for Physiotherapy, Hospital and home use.

About Us

DMA Clinical Pilates™ is used in leading clinics, hospitals and National Institutes of Sport throughout the world.

Director and Physiotherapist Craig Phillips (founder of Clinical Pilates TM 1988) combined his knowledge as a former professional dancer with the Australian Ballet to study extensively in the USA with many of the Pilates masters and their contemporaries. He has gone on to develop and research Clinical Pilates as an exercise based treatment process, managing the problems that underlie injuries.

This innovative approach has moved the Physiotherapy world on from generic “core stability” work to individualised “functional stability” programs.

This is what makes DMA Clinical Pilates™ unique.

DMA Clinical Pilates


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731 Whitehorse Road,
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